Emily’s Story

Emily’s Story

Emily is a lone parent with mental health issues, she was referred by the Early Help team who were assisting her with parenting issues around the eldest child who also has mental health issues. Emily had just started receiving ESA and had debts, notably water arrears and a tax credit overpayment. She was struggling to deal with bills and ongoing expenditure.

The Transition Adviser assisted Emily to apply for Disabled Living Allowance for her daughter. She was awarded middle rate care component and following further advice, her child tax credit also increased with the additional of the child disability element. Following referral to Water Debt Gateway, we assisted her to successfully apply for the Watersure tariff which halved her ongoing water bill. In addition, we secured a grant towards the arrears of nearly £1700. We assisted Emily to challenge the tax credit overpayment on the grounds that she could not afford repayments. HMRC eventually agreed to write off her liability.

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