Knowing your Income and Expenditure

Most of us don’t actually know how much money we are spending each day, week or month, with many of us finding we are overdrawn at the end of each month. If you are on a low income it can often be difficult to make your money stretch. We have provided some tools for you to try and manage your money better.

When you make a budget plan it is important to capture everything you spend including those coffees with friends and all the extra little food shops you do. We suggest that prior to completing you collect all receipts over a 2 week period for everything you spend. It is important to be honest when completing doing the budget planner accurately should take a couple of hours. Don’t let that put you off though, think of it as detective work and the chance for you to discover where those pennies are disappearing to.

Projects That Can Help with Knowing your Income and Expenditure

Online Advice

Real Stories