Housing First

Housing First

Housing First is the opportunity to truly end homelessness, supporting our most entrenched and often complex rough sleepers across North Devon to access housing and support.

Housing First is underpinned by 7 key principles;

  • People have a right to a home
  • Flexible support is provided for as long as it is needed
  • Housing and support are separated
  • Individuals have choice and control
  • The service is based on peoples strengths, goals and aspirations
  • An active engagement approach is used
  • A harm reduction approach is used

In North Devon the housing first project is a joint collaboration between the local authority, Devon and Cornwall Police, Adult Social Care and the Clinical Commissioning Group. Most recently we have been awarded funding from Nationwide to continue our great work. Our team hold a small case load however their work makes a huge impact on some of our most vulnerable clients, re-integrating them back into society.

Our team provide intensive support to clients on a variety of issues including; income maximisation, support to access furniture, making a house a home, registering clients with GP services and specialist medical services and access to new opportunities led by and at a pace set by the client.

“I never thought I would have my own front door, I thought I would end up dying on the streets.”

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