High Flow, Whole Person, Whole System

Funded by the National Lottery High Flow, Whole Person, Whole System is Support which puts you at the heart of your recovery.

  • Support which is rooted in relationships
  • Trauma informed approach
  • Choice and flexibility
  • Tailored around what matters to you
  • Trailblazing new ways of working
  • Breaking down barriers to recovery

You are unique and so is our approach, you choose what support you need.

High Flow Explained…

Holistic support for people who have multiple needs in North Devon and Torridge, which empowers you to take back control of support from the first contact with us.

Our model enables you to decide what is best suited to you and not the professional deciding on your behalf. We will learn together to see how this works as the options below can easily be interchangeable and available for access at a time that works for you.

Signposting – You will be signposted to areas of support that may be better suited to you, this
may include other Flow projects or other internal or external services.

Full Casework – The high flow caseworker will offer you intensive caseworker support. You will also have access to Team around the person (TAP) and/or Community around the person (CAP) approaches and access to support from a peer mentor if you wish.

The TAP approach – You will have support from a coordinator to build a team around you. This approach ensures a team is pulled in and support flows around you so you don’t have to tell your story multiple times, just once and have it heard. TAP ensures all those helping are all communicating effectively and working together to ensure you receive the best support possible. TAP meetings are person and consent led by you and which services attend is your choice. This maybe suitable where you already have an identified caseworker.

The CAP approach – You will have support from a coordinator to build a community around you. Like the TAP approach a team is pulled in and you will have support from Community Connectors to help bring the community in and connect with local activities, events, community support services to improve your social wellbeing.

Peer Groups

Momentum– Supporting male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Supporting male survivors of childhood, if and when you are ready to make contact, the phone is the surest way to get hold of us.

We are a group of supportive men, not a staffed organisation. The best time to contact is between 9am and 12.00 Monday to Friday, but they will always endeavour to respond to your call as quickly as they can.

Call on: 07773 151080

Or you can complete a contact form on our website: www.momentumdevon.org.uk

Momentum are now running face to face support groups fortnightly in Barnstaple, please contact us for more information.

How You Can Get Involved

Community Mentors (impact volunteering) 

Are volunteers who want to get involved in supporting people with multiple needs to help with their recovery. We are looking for people with lived experience or work experience who feel they have something to give, such as attending appointments, identifying meaningful activities and opportunities or being a listening ear and providing hope of an improved future. In return we can provide training and opportunities to work across a wide sector of organistaions, to be part of a trailblazing and exciting new team where you can learn new skills and build on your personal development.

Be part of our co-production group “Working Together First” (WTF).

An opportunity to get involved in the design and development of both new and existing systems, to have a voice and be part of ensuring a more joined up collaborative system which puts people at the heart of their decisions.

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