System Change Action Alliance (SCAA)

The Systems Change Action Alliance (SCAA) is a partnership of Voluntary sector, public sector, health, local authority and decision makers, who have joined together to challenge the current system for people with complex/multiple needs experiencing multiple disadvantages. SCAA members share the belief that a system designed to support people MUST accommodate the whole person, tailoring services to their needs, supporting them holistically and humanely, in ways that we would wish for a loved one. SCAA exists as a response to the current limitations of the system in providing this response. Members work individually and collectively, to creatively challenge oppressive structures; united around the values that underpin human centred systems; compassion, courage, respect, collaboration, amongst others. Valuing and investing in (all) relationships, are centrally held values of those who participate in SCAA.

What does SCAA do?

SCAA primarily adopts an action learning approach to alliance working and system change. SCAA members have collectively developed an action/reflection approach that produces rich learning (and action!) relating to system change.

The group meet roughly three times a month; virtually, on a Thursday morning, with a focus on either action/reflection. SCAA members also meet in person quarterly. The approach combines the importance of critical reflective thinking about the work we do and the ways we do it, as well as taking the action required to work in accordance with the values of a human-centred approach with an ambition to learn through these processes. This is enabled through attention to relationships within the SCAA, and investing in creating a supportive and safe space, where participants feel valued/heard; can be authentic; and can honour the emotional and practical impacts of working within the human services.

Why be part of the SCAA group?

In these extremely pressured times, we understand making time for reflective work, can be extremely challenging and may feel at the very bottom of your priorities. However, what we can say, from evidence provided by those who attend SCAA, making time to reflect on practice and its wider context, collectively and authentically, not only enhances professional development but creates change; and has a profoundly positive eect on personal wellbeing, within the context of work, and wider.

To me the SCAA is a safe space where I do not need to justify my position and views and where I am allowed to reflect on how we can elicit change where systems are not working in the best interest of the person. A space where we acknowledge the impact of trauma, recognise people need to be treated with compassion and where we can learn, grow and build relationships through action learning that result in actual change in our systems

Liz Cirasuolo, Violence against Women and Girls Strategic Lead, Devon County Council

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