High Intensity Use Program

High Intensity Use Program

Working in partnership with One Northern Devon, the High Intensity use program has been designed to support those people who are high users of the emergency department in both Northern Devon and East Devon.

The project is focused on putting people first and identifying what matters to them, we help individuals and organisations find a ‘win-win’ way to move forward.

Watch this 2 min video which explains more about High Flow. Each person will have a key ‘supporter’ and a single plan shared with all agencies.

We put people first by working to three core principles:

  • we de-medicalise,
  • we de-criminalise and
  • humanise.

We are also funded to provide support via the following pathways:

  • Leg Wellness
  • Ilfracombe Housing
  • Rough Sleeper

Our East Devon HIU service is delivered in partnership with our colleagues at COLAB Exeter.

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